Lost in Reason

Written by: Samuel John

Sitting all alone on a gym bench A half-empty glass of punch in my hand, The lights bounced off the disco ball On the stage was the college band. On the dance floor guys all jumped around While the girls just giggled and jived; I got up and walked towards the exit, A lone tear escaped my eye. As I pulled the door towards me, I turned around to take one last glance And there she stood dressed in a sky-blue gown, Some new guy holding her hand. I stepped out into the empty parking lot A cool breeze blew over my head, My ears rang and my throat went dry As I remembered the words she had said... I’ll never leave you, baby I love you, We’ll be together till the very end, No man or situation can break us, Together we’ll face every one of them. But now the ghost of those words haunts me, Just another long lost memory I try my hardest to move right on, But it’s hard to let go of a part of me. I spent many sleepless nights by the fire Trying to figure out what I had done wrong, Mounds of cigarette ash in the ash tray The stereo playing sad old songs; Empty whiskey bottles on the nightstand, Broken glass where the mirror once stood; I thought a lot but the reason never came to me… Why she left me I never understood.