swooping vultures

Written by: andrew delapruch

surrounding failures
like swooping vultures
scan the landscape, all the world
around them, for
individuals who are
fighting, struggling, trying to
make a name for themselves,
in order to
hope for their failure,
hope with squinted “praying” eyes
that their imaginary friend in the sky
of choice,
will come & commit atrocities against
those of us who just try to
make it.

in a room alone with one or more,
one can feel the eyes peering, 
they trace the body, they scan the person
for any way in which to identify a 
weakness in their personal goals,
a moment of naïveté in the process of
life &
these swooping vultures gather,
they smack their lips & wait
for the time you might fall,
the time when all that they dislike about 
you, in their eyes, will become
manifested in your own

lucky are we that they die too,
lucky that the jealousy that they emanate
corrupts & destroys their core,
lucky that they hide themselves so
transparently & that one can lookout for 
others in order to protect the ambition,
that one can work against the
irreparable harm attempted 
with hands locked together,
with fists in the air.