Foolish Poem

Written by: Demeter Edwards

A Dog’s best friend (a Cat)
A Cat’s worst foe (a Rat)
A flying mammal that shows its presence at nights (a Bat)
A deaconess soul-mate her church (Hat)

What a girl cannot do without her (phone)
The muscular structure of your body (bone)
What do kids use to kill birds (stone)
A sound that rings on your cell phone (ringtone)

A feeling that a man and woman share together (love)
A material use by race car driver (glove)
In order to eat, human being cooks on a (stove)
What’s the meaning of this poem, just look at the title stated (above)

In mathematics one plus two equal (three)
Bunches of leaves on a (tree)
An insect that makes honey a (bee)
An angry mob chases after a thief, what should he do? (Flee)

An auditor moves up within the social hierarchy, what is this?  (delegation)
The lower class, Middle class and Upper class separate themselves from each other what is this? (segregation)
Buddhism, Hinduism, Rastafarianism, Judaism, Christianity are all (Religion)
Africa , Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Oceania are Continent (Division)

A tradesman never left is (tool)
A educational institution for students to learn (school)
Apart from the beaches, sea or river where else one can swim (pool)
Do you believe writing this poem makes sense, then why waste time  reading it
This means you are quite the (fool).

Demeter Edwards