Who Am I

Written by: Therese Bacha

 ~Who Am I Mirror Mirror.~ 

Hospital mirror, 
Mother who is that man who has no hair? 
I have hair. 

That man that has no eyebrows? 
I have eyebrows. 

Hospital mirror, 
That man who looks slim? 
I am healthy. 

Who is that man with a plastic bag 
hanging from his arm? 
My arms are free. 

Hospital mirror 
Who is that man who looks like me? 
Suddenly I was screaming for help 
Crying out loud yes 
that man`s image is me. 

Mother look at that mirror with me 
see If that man is me? 
When did you find out 
I have cancer? 

Tears were flowing down my face 
I am strong I don't cry that image 
he looks dead how long will I live? 
Answer me? 

Mother whispered to the mirror I couldn't! 
As I knew not 
except that image in that mirror, 
is you. 

My son, we will remain here for the coming five months. 
I prayed fear not you will become 
The Miracle Boy. 
It happened. 

Today five years later he is free of cancer, 
he looks at his mirror knows who he is. 
Alive and Healthy. 
A Miracle. 

Written By Me: The Mother 
Therese Bacha

Mirror Contest by Nathan A. (Honorable Mention)