Every day is Christmas

Written by: kasim ishmael

If we open our eyes
I know that we will see
There’s some one
Who’s less fortunate than we?

And if look in our hearts
I know that we will find
There’s some one
Who’s compassionate and kind?

Just look around the world
It’s not what should be
And we can change it
But it’s up to you and me

And if we all reach out a hand
We can put a smile on some one face
And if we open our hearts
We can make this world a better place

And if we all believe in the lord
Then we know he love all of us
So let us spread love and joy
Like every day is Christmas

It’s hard, so hard
But we can make it if we try
It’s sad .so sad
If we don’t hear the children cry

If we throw away the guns
Then maybe all the wars will end
And if we take time to talk
I think every one will be a friend

And if you think I’m wrong
Then just turn and walk away
But if you think it’s worth a try
Then let us make a difference today

Many thinks that the holidays
Is the only time for us to give?
And for the rest of the year
Our minds has no prerogative

We all are humans first
Before religions or race
Some of us are fortunate
And some life’s are displace

We say we can’t fix the problems
So we stand a side and wait
So let’s make everyday Christmas
And love will over come the hate