Beyond the Walls of Innocence

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

What evil lies beyond the walls of innocence?
Who will protect our children?
Can anyone repair our broken Hearts?

Guns offer no protection from demons
No logic can be found
Evil breathes it's own air
This battle can not be won on our own

Jesus reaches out his arms
He so badly wants to embrace us
Free will is a costly choice
We choose to go our own way
Further and further from His protection 

God remains
Ready to answer our call
Willing to move Heaven and Earth
Still we wish to wait
Or perhaps deny He even exists
The Devil is happy with our choice
Pleased to usher us down his highway
Past the walls of innocence
A place where little angels do not exist
Thankfully even if we do not believe
The innocent will know no more pain
They are safely sheltered in the Savior's loving arms

We cry for them and yet they have no tears
Their days are filled with joy
They no a purpose much higher than our own
If we become like children
We too will know this joy
This is our inheritance
Will we choose to walk away?