Soft Forbidden Sins

Written by: Carlos Mongrut

Quiet, I find you, but at me staring
deep down, I know, your fire is burning
you lean towards me hiding your passion
imagining my touch in a room full of action

Speaking without a voice, you prefer to stay
in which nothing is lost, sunny day or gray day
did I suddenly scream, let's make crazy love?
or did you just hear it like a beautiful song?

Without clothes you trouble all your expectations
and wish fervently that with you, I do as I please
that I take you in my arms and settle the connection
and without mercy give you a velvet kiss that kills

Like knowing that feeling me is all that to you means
where money, nor the routine are even a threat
with you the deepest secrets will remain all in the grave
do you want me to whisper to you soft forbidden sins?