Gun Control, It Doesn't Work

Written by: SillyBilly theKidster

The following is a hypothetical situation;
Absolute government gun control now sweeps the nation.
We are at our harshest with regards to gun control legislation.
No firearm can be possessed or owned by any private citizen
without the harshest of penalties being imposed upon them,..
..but then inevitably another massacre happens,
taking innocent young lives, many of them children.
Such occurrences continue to happen again and again.
Our harshest of gun control laws accomplished absolutely nothing,
aside from denying every single responsible private citizen
their right to keep and bare arms either for collection or protection.
As long as guns are used in law enforcement and the military
there will always be an underground gun trafficking industry
and the senseless massacres of innocents will continue to be,
possibly even more frequently.
Many say that guns have no place in a civilized society,
and on that subject I too tend to agree,
but until we attain that Utopian civilized society,
whereupon all weapons and all guns are all history,
guns and gun tragedies are here to stay and will continue to be.