instant classics

Written by: andrew delapruch

so much to say in
such a short time,
so much life squashed down
into the head of a pin
smashed away as quick
as it came in, left outside
for someone else to find
but so goes the walk of a
person possessed, a person
perplexed & dead set 
without rest, without a
fear of death, without the
need for anything less
than a place to be, a place
to eat, a place to stand on
one’s own two feet---
so hard to get in a world of
thieves, so hard to rise 
when the hand is on your face,
but it’s the challenge that
makes, it’s the insult that
infuriates, it’s the fist clenched
down beside when you’re
forced one more day to squeeze
out that fake smile &
it all gets thrown up into a
succulent swirl, 
because to be able to keep on
throwing fists is to be able to
keep on running with that very
same focus, the thing that makes
you, the thing that takes you
wherever you want to go &
despite whatever the critics 
say, despite whatever your 
enemies conjure up,
such a mindset is kindling for
a decadent memory, regardless
if you churn out another penny
or become a household name.