I amRelentless

Written by: Gabby Justice

I am relentless
I wonder if today is the day to save 10 souls 
I hear the mighty voices of his angels calling to our hearts,
I see more people coming together, the 10 SAVED souls,
I want more and more people to crave his unconditional love.

I am relentless
I pretend the day is coming soon,
I feel the change that has overtaken me, the love of Jesus Christ.
I touch my heart and I know that it’s his,
I worry that I am nowhere near good enough,
I cry for the people that don’t know him.

I am relentless
I understand there is a need for the word to be spread throughout the nation,
I say his word hoping it will catch the wind and spread like uncontrollable waters,
I dream of the day were I can walk alongside the almighty God.
I try to live by the book, so that I may be good enough for his kingdom,
I hope one day it will all be worth it, and i make it to the other side.

I am relentless