Yule Logs

Written by: jan oskar hansen

Yule Logs.  

The wood delivery came this warm, sunny afternoon.
The wood man wanted cash; he dislikes checks I do not 
blame him, why should he pay tax when the likes of
 Starbuck pay almost none. I usually drink coffee at 
the local café, but tried Starbuck´s once, coffee with milk
 wasn´t enough, they kept talking about “latte” No, just 
coffee with milk…please. A friend of mine, who has gone 
to school, came over and sorted it out; what I got  was 
foamy and didn´t taste like coffee. I don´t think our wood 
man drinks coffee there was faint smell of wine about him,
- it was after lunch-, police officers leave us alone here in 
the deep, dark valleys of upland of Algarve.