The Jumper

Written by: Elton Camp

The Jumper

By Elton Camp

The elevator rose, but came to a stop
At the thirtieth floor, not quite the top

Roy stepped out into hotel’s hallway
Glanced right & left for the stairway

On the roof, he went to the very edge
Then walked onto a projecting ledge

The city was spread out far below
What Roy intended, we all know

Life had become too much to bear
Utter desperation bought him there

Since each day his sadness grew
With living, Roy was through

It was too much to continue to try
Thus, so far preferable for him to die

Great height seemed to pull him on
In only a few seconds, he’d be gone

No longer was he willing to hesitate
With resolution, he’d accept his fate

Roy leaped to embrace his dream 
Instead, from his lips, came a scream

Too late, his error he understood
He’d go back if only he could

As he plunged with increasing speed
Roy regretted that he had done the deed

Frustrations of life might have disappeared
Clarity of thought, as the pavement neared