I've Always, But Now

Written by: Whitney Zahara

I've always used my emotions,
and never did I have time to think;
Now that the time to think has come,
my emotions helped me to sink.

I've always been sad, and stupid,
never had my chances of being smart;
But now that I'm growing up,
I'll transform my words into a work of art.

I've always been a wreck,
never had a chance to be stable;
But now that I have you,
I'll throw it all on the table.

I've always wanted to be loved,
never did I have the chance for that;
But now that you love me,
I can give it in return as a fact.

I've always wanted you,
never had a chance to tell you why;
But now that I do,
I'll never be ready to say goodbye.

I've always been a screw up,
never did I want you to let me go;
Please just let us talk,
and please don't tell me no.

I've always screwed up with you,
I believe we can make it through;
Don't believe me? Try me,
I can prove it to be true.