Walking in the Wind

Written by: Mark Russell

I was walking in the wind looking to the sky,
Seeing all that’s before me and wondering why?
How did I get here and make it this far?
Maybe I slipped in when I found the door agar.

So many things around me go into today,
The rules of engagement, games people play.
Win or lose you that that next step.
Secrets inside of tears you have wept.

The wind keeps blowing tossing leaves around.
Blowing off to somewhere never to be found.
The air gets colder taking my breath away,
I seem to get lost within the words you say.

I step inside as snow begins to fall.
The wind catches it and slams it to the wall.
As it falls from heaven it looks like falling stars,
Glistening in the headlights of the oncoming cars.

I seem to drift away, to where I don’t know,
I think it’s just a place that my heart longs to go.
I was walking in the wind looking to the sky
Seeing all that before me and wondering why?