Twenty Six

Written by: Mark Russell

Twenty six lights that will shine no more,
The senseless violence we cannot endure.
Twenty six acts to show that you understand,
Divided we fall yet united we stand.

Twenty six people who will no longer be,
Despite the wounds compassion we see.
Twenty six smiles that were taken away,
People carry candles to light up the way.

Twenty six reasons we all should reach out,
Hope shines through the shadows of doubt.
Reach out your hand to show that you care,
Understanding rises from the ashes of despair.

Twenty six stars light up in the sky,
As the world mourns, wondering why?
Twenty six lives that were not lost in vain,
So many tears released from the pain.

Twenty six died, it could have been more,
As we look to the future what is in store?
Twenty six lives we shall always remember
Death comes to Newtown, this cold December.

Twenty six acts of faith coming from our hearts,
As each one is granted, the healing just starts.
Twenty six reasons that it can get better,
Love falls like rain, we all get wetter.