What if the Rapture was for Baby Girls

Written by: Adriana Galainena

Heaven will find parity for girls 
The so called” rapture” was meant for little girls
Sex slaves and raped
Because of male lust
A thief in the night will tread softly
Without a noise
All the little girls will tiptoe out
As ballerinas
Heaven will validate them
New Infanticide
Womb housing female is removed
Only boys allowed
Rapture them
Man will be alone with his testosterone 
The creator who is female, will rapture them 
Angels will welcome them
For men will earn their horns
An earth without women
Is man’s reward
Heaven with women
Is an award
Come and take them home
Rapture them…
Man does not deserve them
Rapture them….
Man will inherit
An empty earth
So deserved
They will try to procreate
Through science, to no avail
Karma will prevail
Women will smile
Futile rulers, black robed robbers
Planting seeds in fields of dust
An earth without love….