Sweet Fruits

Written by: Robert Mayy

Now Ms Dietrich, 
I have to give a response,
To your poem on behalf of fruit lovers, thus;
Of fruits we will disagree
I love then for breakfast, even for tea.
I love my apples, peaches and pear
Watermelons, coconuts, and guavas
No fear!
I eat a cherry, then a plum
And suck on star apples until the milk is done.
Even when they are stuck in my throat 
Moving north, but heading south.
Love them.
Tangerines, Mandarins and artiniques,
From the same genus,but all unique
Oh and the grapes which are fed
While lying on my feathered bed
Can I tell you about the cucumber
Chew it. bend it, then devour
Now my favourite is the avocado
Refreshes vigour, and strengthens  ardour 
Now there are some exotic ones you see
News headlines to you but old story to me
My voyages have been long time made
Within each log, I write a page
On the last line an anecdote
To the humble gage, and artichoke
But if ever I have a regret
It's of the fruits not tasted yet.