Wolf man contest

Written by: Sumit Majumdar

His fear he may have masked in front of the bear
But a metamorphosis had kick started in high gear
Hormones were pumping and changing his being
Transformed were his features which were aquiline
Trembling and convulsing and obviously in pain
His spine contorted and reshaped where he had lain
Unconscious beside the glow of embers, dying
It was full moon that night; many swore later the mountains were sighing
Inexorably his body parts reshaped with a shaggy coat of fur
Thick and rough in texture and dark as coal tar
No trace of the man remained
His clothing lay scattered, perhaps this was ordained
A wolf was born and a man had died
There was none to rejoice and none to cry
Only howls to greet the wolf man’s rise
As dawn was breaking and light stole across the eastern sky