My Christmas Wish

Written by: Joyce Johnson

Dear Santa, there's not much I need
That I can't do without.
Getting my heart's deepest desire,
Is not what my Christmas is about.

Christmas is for childlren
And filling up a stocking.
If one should be missed because of me
I'd find it very shocking.

You may pass my chimney by
If you stop at house next door.
There is a bunch of children there
And they seem so very poor.

I know that they could use some toys
And lots of nice new clothes.
And if one has a heart's desire,
Please bring him one of those.

I know that home holds lots of love,
I've seen their mama kiss them.
I know she would be very sad
If Santa Claus should miss them.

I remember in the long ago,
When you were poorer too,
It was such an exciting thing
To receive a gift from you.

So Santa please don't bother
To bring a gift for me.
I hope your helpers find each child
Wherever he might be.

Please take away his sorrows
And dry up all his tears.
Please give him a great Christmas
He'll remember through the years.

And if you need some help, Santa,
There are good folks all about,
Who would fill his stocking for you,
If you just gave tham a shout.

I would have my heart's desire
And my fondest wishes too
If not one child on Earth was missed.
Each has a gift from you.

Written: December 21,12