Cleveland Contentment

Written by: Aleasha Martin

What can I say?
You had me from hello…
Guess that’s why they called me
Content with my Cleveland halo 
Shining bright and tall
With a demeanor so fly…
Stars in your eyes from mine to yours
There’s so much to explore
It’s been awhile but yet still the beginnin’…
I love the way you hold me
As if it were the last…
Give me butterflies 
As you caress my skin when you pass
You make love to me
And it’s real, no doubt…
How couldn’t I agree?
You flex your muscles and it looks so good…
All I do is walk towards you
And it’s very understood…
With the perfect personality
We connect in depth emotionally…
I laugh at all your jokes
This usually isn’t like me
It’s safe to say I’m in love 
With everything about you
And if we ever make those vows
We might have to renew…
Pleasantly passionate
With my Cleveland contentment

By: Aleasha Martin