All of One

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

All of One Moonlight splendor touches down on an empty field Snow becomes a blanket on the space as a protective shield Darkness disguises itself as it hides in its shadows Are we still able to see the beauty in all of one what nature has designed to show? Yes, if we imagine that deep under the blanket of snow Remains a field where the marigolds are given their chance to grow For the seeds are all there planted waiting for spring to arrive Until then, beauty has been transformed into a winter’s delight Starlight sends its sprinkles of stardust to shine the earth in diamond tones Stardust has become nature’s blanket for all season’s young or old Both bringing life into shadows so they may dance Under the stage of stars that are famous to send a heaven’s glance Therefore, nature’s darkness will only allow enough light In shadows where the view is touched just right So we may embrace that nature in seasons of all Expresses its true beauty when sky’s light merges with nature's snowfall Becoming all of one