Desire tags prt 2 lyrics

Written by: Timothy Jacks

I know i showed you how to deal with false friends as false as their words are
as far as their heart is from you, but here i am bearing all not even caring who hears me
as long as you hear me say i love you, drink a shot of vodka to chase the pain away, text you then step away, do you even listen to everything i say to you, its real threats, real situations, real friend that i am still, im not saying im the realist mofo but i fight his ass with spyglass spyware, the fox is always chased by hounds girl, and the fox dosnt always get away unless your there to run too, not a coward to run from, i just like to be tricky evasive as my pain flows, in case you think isay gold, love is not something that can be purchased, as i search your heart girl i find love there, well said spoken so elegantly, words beating on the door of your heart, you say its okay just come in, im getting my hair done, im thinking when i get the chance i will come see you, well we will see soon if im even here, i may have to go away, its okay i guess God says to tell you that i care and think about you all the time,  i know i fell two hearts break will they ever heal, im still the same man and i have a lot of love for you, bye bye see you on another day who knows when, I hope the Lord makes me into what He said He was, A Man of God, I dont mock Him, im just still the same old sinner i always was, i put it all in the Lords hands, i pray to be a good father a good son, a good man because u need one, and yes im still the same Tim the one that still feels your pain still.       R&B Beat Desire Tags. BlitzBeats. com