Written by: Bongani Zungu

When you found love, you fly without wings 
Upward, up into the sky I intended to fly 
Innocent as I was, I became a victim 
Gravity won't let me fly where eagles fly

Future was crystal clear
I could see the light towards the end of a dark tunnel
I was flying amongst big birds
Gravity kept on pulling me down

In an instant my status was out
My pathetic infected body, my new label
Humiliated as I was, I stood up to my label 
Strong as I was, gravity pulled me down

I did not want to give up to my misery
Positive I had to be for my unborn baby
High above limits, I yearned to dwell
Gravity overpowered my intellect ability

Streets became my new home
Down and out, drowning to my own tears
Empty as a tin wide open, except my baby inside me
I had to push against gravity

Believe it or not
Gravity stings better than its rivals
Gravity has lost its animosity
Many rose above their positive status

H I V is about being positive
It has no gravity but inspire positive lifestyle
Like a fish eagle I had to snitch my life back 
Happy ending is not an illusion