The Letter

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

What is this I see under my Christmas tree?
It's a letter, from Fifty year old me.

Complete with a photo, I don't look half bad.
The very best thing, I'm not looking sad.

I tell myself don't worry, things are okay.
When you turn Seventeen, you'll run away.

Life turns out better than what you think.
You are not like dad, you don't turn to drink.

There's lots I could tell you about tomorrow.
Then you wouldn't learn from joy and sorrow.

Live with real purpose, take some chances.
Kiss pretty girls, go to some dances.

Tell people you love them, show them you care.
As much as you wish, they won't always be there.

You will love yourself once you realize.
The things you've been told, are nothing but lies.

So go out in the World, it's your happy place
Even if today, that is not the case

You are the one living, my yesterday
Trust your choices, things go the right way

I read my own words, from Fifty year old me
I'm happy to know, one day I'll be free.

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