Written by: Anoucheka Gangabissoon

The end is about to come
So says everyone at home

What about those desires, those dreams and those tasks
Those not completed, those which the holy fairy asks

To the people of this world
Whether he be a boy or she be a girl

And what of their answer, should you wonder
Allow us a whole lifetime in this transient matter

They said with forceful emotion
We love our blurry illusion

The end, in that case, shall be delayed
Said our fairy so dismayed

Thought she, the earthlings cared not
For life, for its mundane lot

They litter, they destroy, they control
And they think of themselves as the great symbol

Do forgive, pretty fairy,
Do allow us to make merry

A pledge we take on this day
We shall learn to make our hay

With feelings of goodness
So that we shall always be blessed!

And so the end came not,
For the sake of Love's Lot!

Love for our earth, love for humanity
Love ringing the bells of purity!