Santa Said To Jesus

Written by: Milton Toran

Santa spoke to Jesus,
his words were like a knife;
"I bring toys and packages"
"I love this happy life"

"I travel around the world,
bringing lots of cheer"
"I have my own workshop,
with eight tiny reindeer"

"I can fly up a chimney,
with a finger aside my nose"
"My elves are working daily,
with bells upon their toes"

"I have a big ol' mansion,
beyond the North Pole"
"Everybody loves me,
from the youngest to the old"

"I can see the naughty,
the nice and witty too"
"Tell me, dear Jesus,
what exactly can you do?"

Jesus answered quickly,
And this is what he said,
"I can heal the sick,
and even raise the dead"

"I can walk on water,
make a blind man see"
"Your elves are my disciples,
who follow faithfully"

"You say you have a mansion?"
"My Father has many"
"My children's humble prayers,
are answered by me"

"I can turn water,
to the purest of wine"
"I can cast out demons,
to the lowest of swine"

"I can calm the stormy seas,
I can feed the multitude"
"I gave my life for sinners,
you're one I must include"

"If it were not for my birth,
there'd be no worthy cause"
"Without my resurrection,
there'd be no Santa Claus"

"I will have the final word,
once more on Judgement Day"
"Hell's open for the naughty,
what more have you to say?"