Written by: mona Jalees

Why are we parted ?
without saying farewell
moved on and.. 
left each other..
tears ,sighs everywhere ..
half-broken hearted I'm
half-broken hearted you..may be ..
my days are passing by as quite as your lips
weary nights are all alone..
like a  moon lives alone among throbbing  stars..

you looked into my soul and one day you promised 
that we'll be never apart ..
there was a spell -bound between you and me 
 unheard ..unspoken 
we had to move on together ..forever 
but Alas !! we broke all promises 
you tore my heart ..
and set it on fire .
why are we parted now? 
were we just decepting  each-other ? 
were our hearts lying my dear ?

Now I ask my heart ..
can I forget the moments ?
we shared together 
spent together
laughed together ..
cried together ..

And I find my heart silent 
it's just drowning in sorrow day by day 
Ask your heart my dear ..
what it whispers to you ?
can you forget all those moments ?
we shared together ..
spent together ..

Can you forget my dear ?
can you forget "ME "my dear ?

just ask your heart !!
just ask your heart !!!