light house

Written by: lucas ongawo

-light house-

...lost in the deep dark dangerous fore forest of mental foresight
the pitch blindfold blocking my light of sight

and pattering feet feebly giving way for a stumble
my heavy body spatters mad, my face smudges, i crumble

i take a leap forward, a step that would be of faith
i realize i forgot to read between the slim pith...

there is much a few step in the worlds treaded miles
very few leaps of faith that that made light and smiles

still lost, very hard to find my way i try
midsts introspections and fear of re-occurrence of history,

going forwards paints backwards the presumed future
this time my own self is in destruction; my nature...

i build castles in that darkness of the night
i war, i make soldiers win battle, i too fight

in that darkness i lead a family that follows on
dreams that i cant tell when they were born

...and i follow my ambitious dream that might...
just maybe, might lead me to that search light