Mortals Bleed


Heaven wept for the evil corrupt deed,
Sacred tears course as fragile mortals bleed.
20 precious cherubs lined up to await,
To enter the hallowed pearly gate.

Six other sweet angels trail behind,
Heaven-bound prematurely aligned.
What festers in the heart of a disturbed man,
Evil embeds afore time since began.

No dispute can express sorrow's convey,
Immoral deeds conspired while children at play.
God will make an act known to this man,
Awareness within a heart of bloodstained hand.

The guilt and remorse he'll suffer tenfold,
Overflowed with disgrace his soul has been sold.
It's most easy to condemn a disquieted man,
For the many lives slain at his hand.

But stop to ponder this ignoble shooter's plight,
In his psyche something was just not right.
Yes cherished mortals have left this plane,
Now residing in heaven's holy domain.

But soon families reunite in a divine place,
To once again touch their angelic beloved face.
Grief for the dead will never be shorn,
Embittered hearts thus infinitely mourn.