I am an unread book on an empty book shelf

Written by: Jolly Figs

I live in this cell with my self-hatred
How I was raised makes me feel so isolated 
These are not my thoughts or feelings for that matter
But I still feel as if I’m an ugly house that will never flatter

Even if you were to fix me
I’d still have some screws loose
I’d rather you knock me down
And tighten up my noose
Because my personality is too obtuse….
For you to understand

Until then, I’ll wait in the gallows
Waving my right hand
Trying to find a way out
Because I can’t tie a noose like you can…

It’s depressing to think that I possess this body that I can’t stand
Everyone that I love and meet will never truly know who I am
Because the face that I show is a total scam

So, For the time being I’m stuck in this body

This mind...

This soul...

I’ll forever be tortured in this blood stained hell hole.