Message in a bottle

Written by: S.Jagathsimhan Nair

Message in a  bottle

Here is my greetings and message to you all, my dear ones 
Who would be populating this earth again
After  my generation gets wiped out on the 21st of December 2012*
But, then, what a let down, I have to fall back upon 
This antiquated paper and pen and a blasted bottle to store it in
Because there is no way I  could text or e mail to you,
Like  I am used to, this day, that let us soar so high with computers,
Nuclear bombs and spacecrafts that whizz past celestial bodies
As if it is child’s play;  but all the same dragged us down to moral depths
Where one of us could massacre a whole class of kindergarten kids
Or plot mindless terror attacks in the name of imagined wrongs 
And wrong premises or rape and then kill a five year old 
Or an unsuspecting girl who walked into a wrong bus
Thank God I am still left with a little sense to share with you my friends
Whatever freedom you may happen to enjoy,
Whatever material progress you may make
Never use it or let it be used to trample on moral and ethical values
Guard and enforce those values in society with eternal vigil
For there will be none to protect and promote them,
Mark my words,  except YOURSELVES, because such values
Have no commercial value. And  politicians or preachers or prophets
Or their followers who , by the very nature of their preoccupations,
Would continue to divide and disrupt, despite their bluff and bluster
About universal love, brotherhood and peace, the very values
That would be  suffering atrophy under their very noses. 

* The Mayan calender ends on this date (21st Dec 12)giving rise to speculations by doomsday prophets that the world too is going to end on this date.

20th Dec 12
For Catie's Message in a bottle contest