angel nanna

Written by: BreannaKay Warr

my nanna was like one of many family /friends id rely on te one id g run to when i cant run to noone else. She was the one that always toldme when i had stomach surgery be strong brea it will get better.
 She was the one that said brea if you put your mind to it you can acomplish your cookbooks be the best chef ever she was always the one if im upset orin the worst pain ever she'd find some way to cheer me up even if it was talkn bout guys on in or recipes the times me and her would talk bout her hethern .how she wants me to get my GED and goto college to be a chef.

Well nanna i put my feet down in the ground more i aint giving up im gonna start my GED study guids finish my 1st cookbook with then the next 2weeks 

Ilove u nanna always