The lost me

Written by: BreannaKay Warr

ever since i was born all i heard is you had seizures you had heart attacks when i turned 15 . I get a call from my docter saying you got 3months to live if you dont go get your stomach surgery.
I sit back watching the world have a amazing life with friends going out having a boyfriend as i sit an watch in tears.
i sit an wish he was near that one guy that could understand i didnt choose to be this way or did i agree to be lost.
this is me im different an lost inneed for a bestfriend or man that can see an understand im lost i aint got that one person to run to cause im seen as a weirdo an afreak i want to be seen as the person who could always keep you happy not the girl who gets told every day your worthless afreak no1 likes you so do afavor and end your life.
   This is the lost me is there anyone that understands and cares .

    Sincerly the lost me