Angel Under The Mapple Tree

Written by: kathryn ramirez

Angel under the Mapple Tree.

If I could search every language, the whole world through and through.
I could never find an adequet description of the beauty that was you.
If i looked up the sadest words ever known by man,
nothing would cover my feelings, noone would understand.
How can I explain in words what you meant to my soul.
I am drowning inside emotions that I cannot control.
so what do I do to cope with the pain that i feel,
I go on about my day, pretending it's not real.
I try to remind myself, that my pain isn't as great,
As your mothers is, yet, she is still standing straight.
I try and I try to hide my sorrows from their eyes,
But between me and you little sis, the shower hears my cries.
It's not getting easier with time, this heartbreak wont let me be free
so i am now writing to you...... my Angel under the  mapple tree.
This is a happy time of year for most comfy in their Homes.
I have a full house here, but I still feel alone.
Don't be worried baby girl, this pain I can take.
I remind myself of my own strength with each smile that I fake.
But what hurts me the most, what really makes me cry,
is that 3 years 5 months before you passed is when I said goodbye.
I am sorry if you felt that I had abbandonned you.
this is something that I regret that I wish I could undo.
I bought a Christmas Angel, for my boys' Christmas tree.
But she could never be as beautiful a the Angel God loaned to me.
All things will be returned to God one day that is a fact.
But I wish that this time he could give the borrowed back.
I am going to close this up for now sissy, I need to let this be.
But, I do miss you everyday, My little Angel under the mapple tree.