If only I knew

Written by: nicole marrier

I still remember that day you said you couldn’t leave
The surprise overtook me almost knocked me off my feet
For I never heard a man spoke those words so true
I think that was the first day I fell in love with you
the first day I remember actualy looking into your eyes
connecting to your soul searching deep inside
comforted by your promises of never saying goodbye 
if only then I knew that you would only make me cry
if only then I knew  that the promises would be broken
that all that would be  left over was memories of them spoken
I think I could of braced myself for what was sure to come
But its hard to see through love even with the damage done
You hang on for dear life praying for a change
But that grip only loosens  and you start to feel the pain
Losing control of all emotions and reality is gone
Left over is a broke connection with our memory living on