Written by: Eileen Manassian

Happiness….welcome to my heart
I’ve been waiting for your visit
For so long!!!!

But…just tell me one thing…
My esteemed guest
Why are you so capricious?
I thought that we’d made a pact
You were to visit me
And I was to make you comfortable
In my home

But….you ARE flighty
And unpredictable
Coming at odd hours
When you are least expected
But when I’ve prepared to welcome you
With open arms
Strangely….you stay away!

Never mind…
No time for this chatter now
I need to celebrate this time
While you are warm by the fire
And smiling at me
I will celebrate each moment of this visit
And keep my eyes fully on your face
For if I turn around…
Even for a moment…
You might slip out the door
And leave me wondering
When you will visit 
My heart again!

So for now….
You are MOST Welcome!