Written by: Dan Keir

These walls are gathering together, closing with damp farewell embraces. 
The yawns of previous occupants echo through linoleum: my home of all places.

Visitors come and go, footprints on concrete pathways smoothed over by later settlers.
Redecorating the past has never been so easy! The wind carries whispers of meddlers

But that’s easily solved; double glazing for the coming winter of discontent.
Yet still no snow falls for these ghosts. The fireplace has changed; it’s been bent,

Replastered and stoked and ready for the fuel of future memories not yet made.
Still the ceilings creak inwards, the weight of countless children who played

By careering down hallways; Old clocks ticking. Shop-bought curtains are drawn 
On the sunsets of men, forgotten are we all in the flick of a signature pen,

Contracted to paint another’s elapsed timeframe. Perhaps a new extension, dear?