Easy Access

Written by: Samia Ali Arroyo

In unison they shook their heads and wiped their teary eyes.
None could quite believe the scene and gasped in their surprise.
The gunman broke into the school, releasing all his rage.
The victims of the horrid crime were 5 and 6 in age.

The bodies of the innocent lay silent on the floor.
The blood was splattered all around the windows, desks and floor. 
The questions started coming from the people everywhere. 
They wanted to have answers as they bowed their heads in prayer.

The answer was quite simple and so many did agree. 
The gunman’s easy access to the weapons caused the spree.
The rifle that he had obtained was fit to use in war.
Bullets sprayed in seconds that were made to cause such gore.

Many argue that the answer is to have more guns.
And that is how we can protect our daughters and our sons.
Arm each single person so that they can shoot it out.  
The advocates of guns say that is what it’s all about.

But many others do object to more guns in more hands.
For our society must curb the violence in our lands.
Easy access to more guns just feeds the burning flame.
That some have hidden deep inside to kill and hurt and maim.

Written in memory of the innocent victims in Sandy Hook.