the night shift

Written by: Paul Smith

, italics , The Night Shift.
    As they rest the steely knights, gathered monsters aboard the realm of steam
Entombed behind stony walls in cavernous sheds and Steamy halls,
Painted buffed polished and clean the blackness evades this spectacular scene,
Silver copper, bronze iron and steel in motion awesome power revealed.

 Tethered to rail destination fixed, tracking through tunnels across plains they roar
From city centres to lonely shore, transporting people by the score.
Like gods of thunder rumbling along hissing and whistling their steamy song,
Yet no better beat a heart could render thundering beat beneath the skies, 
On beaten tracks no stealth just wonders where the steely knights do fly.

 Slipped through copyright in histories vein, a phoenix to die then rise again,
In the hearts of men forever free to rumble on eternally,
Tracks nothing, special the smell, the sound of a monster screaming repeal
Steam trains thundering down British rails with heroes at the helm
 Gods of majesty in this steely realm.