Awakening parched as I lay in the dark,
Disorientation,and stiff muscles brand its mark.
My ears strain for the melodious sound,
Of midnight's serenade all around.
For the wind russeling through the trees,
with a calming balmy gentle breeze.
The crickets creak melancholy in the dark,
But just craving it in the silence so stark.
Unrelenting thirst vigorously compels,
Confusion ensued from the musty smells.
Reaching for my bedside light,
To illuminate this oppressive dark night.
But my hand touches silky pliability,
Reaching above the same, infallibility.
I push and scratch the need so great, 
To escape this frightening restrictive state.
Memories flood frantically filtering in,
Claustrophobia has dreadfully begin.
Like a nightmare, I remember somehow,
The sickbed that I thought I was in now.
They buried me tactlessly thinking me dead,
Now I lay in an odious stifling coffin bed.
Panic driving the oxygen from my lung,
The moldy air palatable on my tongue.
Suddenly I hear a distant scrapping noise,
Ballistic crumbling nerves, grading, annoys.
gradually it becomes a frantic drill,
As my spine begins a racing chill.
Something from the outside desperately wants in,
A growled whisper seeps through over the din.
"I'm so hungry for one small bite.
I get so ravenous on a cold lonely night"
I'm trapped! I'm trapped! I can't get out,
This thing outside the coffin, frenzy devout.
My dilemma: run out of air or let it have me,
What is the answer what shall it be?
Either way death shall have it's way.
Manifestly the hunted has become the prey.