A Christmas Wish for Santa

Written by: Linda-Marie SweetHeart

"A Christmas Wish for Santa" O Santa! it's been very hard to be good all year and Christmas Eve is nearing for presents 'neath green tree listening for the sound of your sleigh and eight tiny reindeer am hoping for a special choice of boxes just for me. O Santa! I've been helping Mommy round the house even kept my own room sparkly bright after saying my prayers I am as quiet as a mouse am so excited to leave some milk and cookies for tonight. O Santa! I wrote a list of things I want to play I hope your sleigh can carry everything dolls and dishes and games and cray ---ons also an Angel with golden wings. O Santa! I remember there are children on the Earth who never got a toy or a hug or kiss Mommy says a lady has the right to change her mind from birth Daddy reminds me never to ever be selfish. O Santa! if I had a Christmas wish for you I'd package hugs and kisses laced with lots of love so Christmas Eve as you travel please sprinkle them won't you? like snowflakes falling from heavenly stars above. O Santa! I am so happy knowing I can share some gifts so free and simple to bring smiles and joy a truly "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year" shows care and love is the 'bestest' gift for every girl and boy. O Santa! I will pray that you have a safe trip and merryment will ring throughout the Globe hope you enjoy your cookies as on chocolate milk you sip to celebrate the Greatest Story Ever Told. *For Michael J. Falotico's Christmas Wish in a Poem.