Tender Years

Written by: Joyce Johnson

In my young years I knew nothing of
The unloved or unlovable.
I'd like to live those tender years again,
But they are not recoverable.

My mother dad and brothers
Held me close with tender care.
"She is a girl, she's breakable.
Don't drop her, don't you dare."

No one has had a better home,
No one has been loved more
Than that little girl of long ago
When she was just three or four.

The love I knew, those tender years
Has been a blanket all my life.,
That I can wrap in gratefully
From the world and all its strife.

The pure love in my first home
Has been passed down through the years,
Down through all the generations.
It's still there to soothe the tears.

If a child's loved in her tender years
She'll have a firm foundation
And will be a better mother
And good citizen of her nation.

Joyce Johnson