To The Future

Written by: Joyce Johnson

Dear Future if there is one,
I'd like for yo to know
how our people were so careless
and destroyed the good Earth.
We sent poison to the atmosphere
and poured it on the ground.
Though good men warned us daily,
we would not heed their word.
The Earth that we inherited was beauty absolute.
We should have taken care of it, 
God doesn't make one every day.

But we were seeking riches
and we found God's hidden treasures.
We squandered them so freely and
saved nothing for the future.

We forgot God's gift was finite
and that He could lose his patience.
At last He said, "Enoughs enough
and we have lost our home.
Like Adam and Eve before us,
we surrendered to our baseness.
The Earth could only take so much.
We have committed suicide.

I hope the Earth recovers 
andwe can all enjoy its beauty. 
Please take care of its treasures,
once they're gone , they're truly gone.