Written by: kathryn ramirez

It's the night before Christmas Santa and this house is a mess.
Most of it beer cans and bottle so I am caught I guess,
Last year you came and you brought me good cheer,
I just kept it going pretty much all year.
I guess I have been Naughty
Don't judge me, you're just a greedy old man.
deciding which of us can't be rewarded and which ones can
I got news for you Q-tip, I am no longer ten,
So I have been bad this year, next year I am doing it all again.
'Cause I like being naughty
Oh, and since you're here now with that dumb look on your face.
I think it's high time that someone finally puts you in your place.
You're breaking and entering and we have the right to shoot,
tracking in reindeer mess and wetness from your ugly snow boots.
This year don't eat the cookies, or you will regret,
it's not poison, but your intestines will fret,
and those reindeer's will make good mounts on my wall,
It could still be deer season after all
I will be naughty!
Don't point your fingers and shake them at me
you put me on the naughty list ever since I was three
I just decided now Santa, I will prove you right
and for you, tied to this chair, It will be a long long night
I love being Naughty!