Hawaiian Christmas Cheers

Written by: Yolaine Armitage

  'Twas a week  before Christmas, when at the Kalikimaka's house, I thought I heard a shout, it must be my boyfriend, quiet like a mouse.
The Christmas tree was dry and had no Tylenol  to survive, he ran out and was up from his chair and alive.
      I tried to hide, but he looked for me and I thought I was free. My boyfriend, with his coffee cup, said: "what's up"?
      "I'm all out of Tylenol," which was all of his talk. "Please go to the store." Where I needed to go for a walk.
       Leaving to a nearby store, I hurried to get some cash. The store was filled with lots of Christmas cheers, and I couldn't help notice the
holiday liquors and beers.
       When I saw the fancy bottles and decorations insights, I thought to myself "oh what a fright". The store was festive and all I wanted was
was a cheerful night.
       So, I named each bottles of hards: "Up with Jim, and down with Jack".  Soon, I realized I didn't want him to give me, "a crack".  
But what's a drink without a friend,  as I paused."  I thought, I'll get Santa Claus.  I had my eyes twinkled  at him, so big with a red suit, but
he was too slim.  As I checked out, I came to my "Hale", and saw my boyfriend walking upwards on the "highway Pali".
      "Where is my Tylenol?" as he shouted to me! I forgot it with my head spinning and I couldn't see.  He chuckled with a big smile and said to me,
"Merry Christmas, my loving fool", where I had to sit on a very tall stool.
       For next year, don't be so lame, when it's wasted time and a shame! "Don't stall, I may need the "Tylenol".