Mine dithering heart quakes of despair 
From actions so cruel beyond compare 
Thine serpent tongue and sanpaku eyes, 
Forked so with blasphemous lies. 
Led mine soul to the bowels of hell, 
Withering evermore in fits of bespell. 
Thrust away like an abandon toy, 
Thine lips smirk with cruelty so coy. 
Canst I be forgiven for mine stupidity? 
For loving this viper of iniquity? 
For surely grace with immeasurable love, 
Shalt show mercy from heaven above. 
Or art I cast away unlike the venomous cad, 
Exiled by the masses of sociedad. 
Condemning one’s self for imprudence of this fall, 
Alas I be the damning cruelest one of all.