Thine Games


Enigmatic safeguard hardened heart walls
Thou tempt me till it crumbles and falls
Gazing into thine amatory elaterite eyes,
I see thine deception in disguise.
Love just a game thou like to play,
With ease thou tear mine defenses away
Thine tantalizing touch too high a price,
Weaking resistance made only to entice.
I feel heartache's tide rushing in,
My soul sallied with seductive sin.
Visions of carnality waltz in mine mind,
Seeing thine faults to them I be blind.
I built these walls with fortified stone,
With solitary years as mortar steadfast to be alone.
Why must thou tease me with words so sweet?
To fall like a sinner to worship thine feet?
I be just another notch on thine headboard it seems,
I but a memory lost in thine distant past dreams.