Written by: ilene bauer

Ken was hot; removed his vest.
Charlie somehow found it.
Charlie thought that it was his
And on his body, wound it.

Next day, Ken was in the room.
Charlie waltzed in, vested.
Ken said, “Charlie – that’s my vest!”
Transfer was suggested.

Charlie shrugged and took it off;
Said, “I’ve got the same one.”
Ken just smiled and took it back – 
He’s not one to blame one.

That was near a month ago;
Saw them both today.
Ken once more forgot his vest,
So, without delay,

I offered it to Charlie, but
He wore one of his own.
We shared a laugh – I guess that Ken’s
Forgotten-sweater prone.

In two days hence, I’m seeing Ken
So I’ll return his vest.
I wonder if he’ll notice if
It’s part of how I’m dressed!