Blank Page

Written by: Dana Oraibi

Staring at a blank piece of paper
Thinking about what might happen later
After all the fighting
I usually need to start writing
To make myself feel better
Even if it’s not meant to be seen like a letter

It feels as if I were in a cage
All I can do is pour out my heart on the page 
He made a promise, I thought it was honest
He said his feelings were strong and would always be the same
Right now I think they’re different, but I’m not the one to blame 

I can’t find the right words to describe how I feel 
Maybe scared and weakened, this is unreal 
Now that it’s different, I’m in denial 
I see how he talks about her, it’s like he let out everything he once kept aside in a pile
I see how he might still feel something
As I realized so, my heart rapidly started jumping 
I’m lying to myself
Because I can’t imagine him being with anyone else