The Garden of Morning Prayer

Written by: Robert Ball

Sitting saying morning prayers, all in our own way.
Early riser, prayer said, coffee made, it starts the day.
God comes to me instantly when I rise.
So I know I’m safe, always having a good thought at sunrise!

The state of affairs in this world just mystifies me.
As the Holy Bible does; man’s killing nature has never left, it’s continually.
Ever since “The Word” ever since God’s judgment from the garden, since Adam’s
First breath.
Man has faced the most horrible fate, the prospect of a great spiritual death.

Think on it, thrown from God’s Spiritual Garden, cast to the earth.
Guess who?  The serpent, of old, the master deceiver!  Here long before our birth.
An evil disobedient Son of God, cast to rule this corrupted earth, amongst men. 
We’ve all gotten our chance to listen, here, and find God’s Son, a loving Son called Jesus, needed to enter God’s Kingdom.

The Commandment, Number 6, “Thou shall not kill!” 
We are stubborn, won’t listen to the God that has the power to terminate us at His will!
Carnal man has turned, transgressed against the Laws of God! Spiritually we have incurred His wrath!
Think on it, He knows all, He knows things to happen.
Shortly, carnal man will see the Father, we are on His path.

Mankind, through centuries has always tried to solve problems.
Forgetting the Law,
Solving problems without “Love” God’s command.
Without God deciding, is what sticks in the Father’s craw.

Love, Spiritual Love, all comes from the Father, Creator, First, foremost The Lord!
Hearing, seeing, reading will make us understand the Word.
No other God before me, man made idols, false teachers, all foretold in the Holy Bible.
First, lastly, the Holy Bible interprets itself; don’t believe me, “Prove All Things!”
It will save your spiritual revival.